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Welcome On The Wooden Path, this season’s programming should be as follows:

S04E01 – The Importance of Being Earnest (Press Night)

S04E02 – The Delights of Dogs and the Problems of People & Lullabies for the Lost (Press Night)

S04E03 – The Ocean at the end of the Lake


S04E05 – Fairview

S04E06 – Smack & Crack (Press Night)

S04E07 – Jekyll / Hyde* (Press Night)

S04E08 – Death of England

S04E09 – Seeds (Press Night)

S04E10 – Endgame & Rough for Theatre II – LDN

S04E11 – The Seagull (led by Emilia Clarke)

S04E12 – 4000 Miles

S04E13 – Sunday in the Park with George (led by Jake Gyllenhaal)

S04E14 – Derren Brown’s Showman – GLA

All thoughts and opinions expressed on this show are solely those of the individual expressing them at the time of recording, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard, Milk In A Wineglass & Hicks Entertainment. 

I, Yann Sicamois – sound in body and mind – shall never apologize to an angry mob under any circumstances.

The CURTAIN CALL is a moment which allows me to add bits that may have occurred after some shows and that I did not talk about before. Also a place to thank people if needed, to do shout-outs.

The STAGE DOOR is an interactive episode in which you can ask any question via Anchor’s Voice Message service and I’ll feature you on the show and answer your questions. This episode will be updated as I get questions so feel free to come back to it frequently.And now for our feature presentation;(Be aware that if I just provide a title without any specifics, it means that the run of a show has concluded without news of it coming back.)

I know I may have said in places that this format won’t be longer than 20 minutes per episode. Well, I’ve added interludes and outros now so let’s say between 10 and 25 minutes.

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