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TRANSCRIPT: Hello and welcome on the wooden path, this is your host Yann on this journey to discover bold and new theatre. 

This FLYER will certainly be reshaped to contain the actual list of episodes of season 2 at the end of August. I still wanted to have it here ASAP as an intro before entering the Fringe madness.

If you’re a listener already, I hope you enjoyed season 1 and are ready for this new adventure in Edinburgh. If you’re entirely new, know that I’m Yann Sicamois and I trained as an actor in Acting Coach Scotland in 2016, and I actually stayed in Glasgow and I now moved with two former classmates Adam & Anouk who are the two other cogwheels behind The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard Podcast, where we talk about movies every week. This is not that podcast though, you’re on the wooden path now and as I’ve been doing since 2016 I’ll go lose myself im fringe venues this year again, with a huge difference, I’ll report on it for your listening pleasure (or discomfort, haters are welcome too).

Compared to the shows I’ve discussed in season 1 you should know that there are particularities in Fringe theatre and EdFringe in particular; any spare room can become a performing space, most shows are under an hour, seating is most of the time unreserved, there are 2 days with 2for1 for most each year, as a performer you usually enter the space a few minutes before your time and leave promptly just after because there ate a crazy amount of shows every day, lodging is barely affordable even if you book early, the official EdFringe all is convenient so that you can have a neat calendar of everything BUT they charge 0.80£ per ticket (capped at 4.80£ per order), I know I must have paid around 100£ in 3 years just in fees.

Thank for listening and I’ll see you soon.

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