S01E20 – The Unbrunch by Cinereal Productions – NYC

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“The Unbrunch is a fully immersive theatrical performance lasting up to 2 3/4 hours. Entry times are staggered by 5 minutes. Guests should arrive promptly at their designated entry time to ensure swift entrance. Late admission will delay the guest’s overall experience and early entry will not be permitted. Upon entering, guests will be encouraged to explore the space freely. While The Unbrunch is meant to be a social experience, individuals may find themselves following down their own particularly intriguing path. Guests may leave The Unbrunch at any point, however, reentry will not be permitted.”


A few words on The Unbrunch & announcing ‘On The Wooden Path’


The Unbrunch is pleased to announce our extension through July

Along with the extension, some changes will be made to improve the overall experience. 

To better enhance the dining component of the experience, all food will be removed from the inside of The Unbrunch and a new full-service, seated Brunch @ The Unbrunch will occur beforehand. 

Each Brunch @ The Unbrunch will have a unique menu, host, and experience that will feed directly into The Unbrunch. Guests will also receive extra time in the space and exclusive access to secret rooms and characters.

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