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Welcome On The Wooden Path; here is season 1’s programme, recorded inside the Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus.

The full season will be made available to all on the 31st of July 2019.

I filmed a 360° (VR) video (available soon) of me recording this specific episode because the place is supposed to be the world’s first theatre.

This season’s programming is as follows:


S01E01 – Waiting For Godot (2019) by Half.Wits – Glasgow

S01E02 – Interference (2019) by National Theatre of Scotland – Glasgow

S01E03 – Nora: A Doll’s House (2019) by Citizens Theatre – Glasgow

S01E04 – Ghost Stories (2019) at Lyric Hammersmith – London

S01E05 – ADMISSIONS (2019) at Trafalgar Studios – London

S01E06 – Witness For The Prosecution* (2019) at London County Hall – London

S01E07 – All About Eve (2019) at Noël Coward Theatre (NT Live)

S01E08 – The Magic Hour (ongoing) at Sheraton Grand London Park Lane – London

S01E09 – Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience* (ongoing) – London

S01E10 – Dans Le Noir ?* (ongoing) featuring blind staff – London

S01E11 – CLOSE* (2019) at Le Phoenix – Paris

S01E12 – Les Damnés (2019) by Ivo van Hove @ La Comédie Française – Paris


S01E13 – Carmen, To Havana And Back* (2019) by Variety Life Productions @ Public Arts – New York City

S01E14 – NETWORK (2019) at Belasco Theatre, New York City

S01E15 – Chamber Magic (2019) at Lotte New York Palace – New York City

S01E16 – Magic After Hours with Noah Levine (2019) at Tannen’s Magic – New York City

S01E17 – Sleep No More* (2019) by Punchdrunk & Emursive at The McKittrick Hotel – New York City

S01E18 – SPEAKEASY MAGICK (2019) at The McKittrick Hotel – New York City

S01E19 – DRUNK Shakespeare (2019) at The Lounge – New York City

S01E20 – The Unbrunch* by Cinereal Productions – New York City

S01E21 – Dinners In The Dark* (2019) at Abigail’s Kitchen – New York City

S01E22 – Prohibition Pandemonium (2019) by Escape Entertainment – New York City


S01E23 – The Grand Expedition (2019) by Gingerline – London

S01E24 – Back to the Future in Concert by RSNO – Glasgow

S01E25 – All My Sons (2019) @ The Old Vic – London

S01E26 – The Great Gatsby Immersive (2019)* – London


S01E27 – The Twilight Zone (2019) @ The Ambassadors Theatre – London

S01E28 – BETRAYAL (2019) @ Pinter Theatre – London

S01E29 – David Blaine: Real or Magic – Edinburgh

S01E30 – Night Of The Living Dead Live* – London

S01E31 – The Jewel of the Empire* – London

S01E32 – The Taming of The Shrew @ RSC – Stratford-upon-Avon

S01E33 – ANNA @ NT – London

S01E34 – Fiddler On The Roof – London

S01E35 – Rosmersholm – London

S01E36 – Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds* – London

S01E37 – The Lost Love Speakeasy* – London

S01E38 – A Midsummer’s Night Dream* – London

S01E39 – Bullet Tongue Reloaded* – London

S01E40 – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin @ Theatre Royal – Glasgow

S01E41 – Hamlet by Iris Theatre @ St Paul’s Church – London

S01E42 – The Hunt @ Almeida Theatre – London

S01E43 – Games for Lovers (2019) at The Vaults Theatre – London

S01E44 – Noises Off – London

S01E45 – Present Laughter @ The Old Vic – London

S01E46 – After The End at La Manufacture – Avignon

S01E47 – Electra / Orestes – Epidaurus


All thoughts and opinions expressed on this show are solely those of the individual expressing them at the time of recording, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard, Milk In A Wineglass & Hicks Entertainment. 

I, Yann Sicamois – sound in body and mind – shall never apologize to an angry mob under any circumstances.

TRANSCRIPT: Hello and welcome on the wooden path, this is Yann Sicamois your host on this journey to discover new and bold theatre. I am pleased to report that all season 1 episodes are in the can and you are now listening to this season’s programme.

I’m coming to you not entirely live from Greece, country of Thespis, nation of Euripides, Aristophanes, Aeschylus, and all their friends. I am in Athens today and – yesterday – I attended the very last show that entered the very first season of my very first solo podcast. Yesterday 26th of July 2019, in the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, from the 3rd row VIP and all, I watched ‘Electra / Orestes’, a play based on Euripides’ plays and some of the oldest tragedies that made it entirely to us.

Unlike the other podcast I’ve been doing since 2017 with my flat mates (and former drama school classmates) Adam & Anouk (which you definitely should check out, it’s called The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard, we always love to welcome new subscribers on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or anywhere really) where we actually film ourselves. Unlike this older podcast, I was saying, when you’re coming on the wooden path with me, you should not expect the podcast to be captured as a video. What is being done though, I think I started that around episode 26, is that I will capture VR video (360° videos) either inside the theatre or just outside to share the ambience with you, as a support to the audio content. I’ve done my best to blur faces but just know that these are available as unlisted videos on YouTube just for you and may be removed if I get complaints so enjoy those as long as possible.

Recorded between March and July and made available to all on the 31st of July 2019, this inaugural season provides around 14 hours of content; 47 episodes dispatched in 3 legs (Europe, USA and Europe again) + 4 specials; this programme, one INTERMISSION, a CURTAIN CALL and a STAGE DOOR. 

The INTERMISSION details a major technical change which occurred after episode 26.

 The CURTAIN CALL is a moment which allows me to add bits that may have occurred after some shows and that I did not talk about before. Also a place to thank people if needed, to do shout-outs.

The STAGE DOOR is an interactive episode in which you can ask any question via Anchor’s Voice Message service and I’ll feature you on the show and answer your questions. This episode will be updated as I get questions so feel free to come back to it frequently.And now for our feature presentation;(Be aware that if I just provide a title without any specifics, it means that the run of a show has concluded without news of it coming back.)

I know I may have said in places that this format won’t be longer than 20 minutes per episode. Well, I’ve added interludes and outros now so let’s say between 10 and 25 minutes.

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